Uber starts Mapping Metro Vancouver to Improve its Services

Vancouver, one of the most busiest and expensive cities in the world, is all set to get a transportation upgrade. The popular taxi booking company Uber, has begun their mapping project in Metro Vancouver area anticipating to be operational by the year end.

Uber Is Upping its game!

It is still not sure whether the people in Vancouver and British Columbia will be able to book a cab from their mobile phones. The province is one of the very few places in North America that doesn’t have a ride hailing service, according to Uber. The previous Liberal government was in the favor of introducing the taxi booking service by the end of 2017, and all three political parties of B.C also shared the same opinion. Well, all we know is that nowadays you can use your phone in many other ways – there is no lack of cool apps out there. Until there is no Uber in town you can open your browser and have some fun by checking on one of the trusted sources ValleyGames and choose the best online casino on your preference while waiting for your regular cab.