Hot and happening music events on Vancouver Island in 2018

Summer is already here and the arts and music scene is buzzing with activity.  It was just the other day that we saw the Vancouver International Jazz Festival happening during the Canadian weekend. Attended by many, it was just a glimpse of what Vancouver has to offer – and Vancouver Island isn’t far behind!

Today, we are going to list out the musical events taking place over summer in Vancouver Island.

So get ready for some awesome numbers!

Amazing summer eve at at Butchart Gardens

The two-month carnival featuring music legends will go on till September 1. The shows will be arranged at Butchart Gardens and you have to pay admission fees. You can catch great artists like lan Doyle of Great Big Sea on July 18, Cecile Doo-Kingue on July 23 and Stephen Fearing on July 25.

You should look to book your tickets early on to get assured entry to the park.

Rock The Shores

Rock The Shores music festival will be held at Recreation lower fields and Westshore Parks from July 13 to 15. The three days of musical extravaganza will see artists like Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, Bahamas, X Ambassadors and the Sheepdogs.

We are expecting a huge footfall and a happy crowd.

Vancouver Island Music Festival

We have the impressive Vancouver Island Music Festival on the same dates as Rock the Shores, July 13 to 15. We know it’s going to be a hard choice to decide between the two so let’s see a few artists from the lineup.

The weekend will feature the renowned Ry Cooder; Arlo Guthrie the great storyteller cum singer and the fabulous band Walk Off The Earth. Both young and old are going to be there so tickets will be selling out fast!

Phillips Backyard Weekender

The Phillips Backyard Weekender is going to hold over July 20 to 22 and packed with bright music stars. You shake your legs to the tunes of DJ Shub, Slim Sandy, and the Hillybilly Boppers, and get swayed along with Keys N Krates, Moontricks, Dessa and Reggie Watts.

The grand finale features The Revolution, Kelis and Hollie Cook so all three days are going to be fun filled.

Sunfest Country Music Festival

Head over to Vancouver Island’s biggest music festival at Sunfest from August 2 to 5. The multi-stage paid music concert is heavily attended by music lovers from all over Canada and you can even camp on the event grounds!

The lineup for 2018 includes Eric Church, Midland, Rollin’ Trainwreck, Cara Bateman, Brett Young, Meghan Patrick, Ryan Laird, The Tumblin’ Dice, Dallas Smith, Emerson Drive, Lindsay Elzinga and Jojo Mason. Tickets are already on sale and not going to last long!

Victoria Fringe Theatre Festival

This is not actually a music event though you get to see musicals along with drama, dance, comedy, theatre and more shows at the Victoria Fringe Theatre Festival. It’s going to the 31st year for the festival which will have 330 performers, 350 artists and 58 shows from August 22 to September 2.

Uber starts Mapping Metro Vancouver to Improve its Services

Vancouver, one of the most busiest and expensive cities in the world, is all set to get a transportation upgrade. The popular taxi booking company Uber, has begun their mapping project in Metro Vancouver area anticipating to be operational by the year end.

Uber Is Upping its game!

It is still not sure whether the people in Vancouver and British Columbia will be able to book a cab from their mobile phones. The province is one of the very few places in North America that doesn’t have a ride hailing service, according to Uber. The previous Liberal government was in the favor of introducing the taxi booking service by the end of 2017, and all three political parties of B.C also shared the same opinion. Well, all we know is that nowadays you can use your phone in many other ways – there is no lack of cool apps out there. Until there is no Uber in town you can open your browser and have some fun by checking on one of the trusted sources ValleyGames and choose the best online casino on your preference while waiting for your regular cab.

Uber is taking things positive as it has sent 25 mapping vehicles to tour the area of Vancouver and collect important data that would go to improve their map and service. The vehicles will collect data like traffic patterns, building entrance and exits roads and other details required for optimizing their service. It will help the tech heavy company to determine potential pick up and drop locations and offer the best routes to drivers. The project is a month long work which was initiated a year back for other areas of Canada.

Uber’s History

When Uber started it services in America 7 years ago, they had to utilize data from third parties which was often unreliable and inefficient. Uber works with Google for their mapping requirements but the service is not customized for taxi apps. Gradually the company had introduced their own tracking vehicles in a bid to improve their maps and eliminate the gaps that existed in the system. The Uber Canada project began in the city of Edmonton and since then the data quality has improved many times, expressed Ramit Kar, general manager of Uber Western Canada.

Kar said that it was a significant investment on their part but required to enhance their offerings. They were hoping that things would follow through positively and they are going to make their best efforts with a better product. The taxi service is already quite popular in other parts of Canada and Uber is going to do everything in its power to meet the demand of its customers.

Kar also commented that they are going to make sure that people in the area get a safe way to reach home and also get earning opportunities by signing up as drivers. The company is going to ensure that smart and fair ride sharing rules are adopted in B.C in everybody’s interest.

How would it help?

The tracking vehicles plying on the roads of Metro Vancouver also is a good way of advertising, said Kar. British Columbians will get an opportunity to spot an Uber vehicle on the road – it’s really cool, right?

Soon, people in Vancouver will soon be able to book their rides sitting at the comfort of their homes, just like many others around the world.

Explore Canadian islands

Denman Island

Life is too short not to take vacations more often. You need to go out to places with exotic views, a feast for your eyes and rejuvenation for your spirit. There are few off grid destinations with preserved true natural beauty comparable to what you can see and experience on Denman Island. You can choose from a wide variety of attractions to view and activities to take part in including kayaking, hiking, bicycle trips and viewing renowned contemporary art pieces at art galleries. This island will offer you an unobstructed view of the sunshine coast and the coastal mountains towering into the clear blue skies as if somehow merging into one harmonious perfect painting. There is just so much to see on Denman Island before you die.

Fillongley Provincial Park, is the go-to place for a calm afternoon relaxing in the shade or to challenge your physical performance hiking through the beautiful feature rich coastal trails in and out of the canopy of ancient trees. Trails go in and out of the cool cover of the natural forest by the beach giving you the best possible hiking experience with beach and forest ground to cover a nice afternoon with can be spent with company out on the creek watching the salmon spawn at the right time of year or photographing the rare a beautiful flowers and mosses that line the rugged trails of Fillongley Provincial Park. The beaches are wide sunny and sandy and virtually unpopulated with all the solitude you need to have your fun with your company. You have almost the whole expansive beautiful sandy, shingle, sunny beach to yourself, all you have to do is absorb as much of its radiance as you can. Denman Island, the vibe is off the charts, so much energy, so much life, so many natural beauties to adore in solitude and serenity. It is simply the perfect off-grid getaway!

Hornby Island

Hornby Island, is certainly a unique place to visit on the face of the earth. It is like being in four holiday destinations at once. It is like being at home because nature just welcomes you with loving arms back to the cradle of mankind to replenish your soul with her rich bounty. A trip here will have that desert-like feeling with all the cactus you will see growing against an earthen background. Then there is the beautiful seashore and luxurious forests to experience, the feeling is overwhelming. The island is endowed with thousands of beautiful rare plants, flowers and mosses all of which are to be treasured. As you walk on the shores in Helliwell you will be able to see seabirds gracefully gliding the clear blue skies and as you come by the headland sea lions and seals show you how to vacation.

A good camera will be a necessity to capture and preserve all the beautiful moments you will have on the island as you discover even more beautiful spots on your adventure. Just make sure you have good quality capture for true natural lighting and plenty of storage to cater for all the beautiful snaps you wouldn’t dare erase. As you walk through the ancient forests or along the bluffs where you can look out over the ocean and feel that breeze hug your whole body in a refreshing new way. If you truly love sight-seeing, the views on Hornby Island are to die for. With a unique blend of forested, desert-like and beach views you are guaranteed to watch at least one perfect sunset on the coast that will remain treasured in your mind forever.

Experience British Columbia!

From beautiful sunsets to wake up to, to experience the best skiing opportunities in your life – British Columbia is your one stop solution for an ultimate vacation. When it comes to making memories, and having a great sophistication, British Colombia surely has everything, let it be rainforests or majestic mountains. So leave for some time your devices and let enjoy the nature treasures! Although there are, of course, a lot of entertainment for weary travellers – thank to trusted Canadian online casino hubs they have an opportunity to relax after eventful day.

The following list highlights the best events and truly never to be missed places in BC:

  • Vancouver Island

If you wish to connect with nature and experience its magnanimity; Vancouver Island is the best place for you. Its magnificent mountains, large parks, and urban beaches, it is a heaven for your leisure activities. The most famous place on Vancouver Island is Butchart Gardens, thus serving to be an ideal spot for those who love gardening. Surrounded by trees, flowers and butterflies, the place serves to be an excellent relaxation spot for many. Moreover, you don’t need to clear up your schedule for a particular time of year to visit Butchart Gardens, because it provides you with an opportunity a year-round.

  • Region of Comox

Stretching on the South coast of the Comox Peninsula, the Region of Comox holds the largest seafood festival ever. This signature event displays best seafood products of the Comox Valley. It hosts more than 2,500 guests and includes various seafood and wine tasting, competition, live music and whatnot. More than 40 chefs participating in this event, including renowned chefs of the Comox Valley.

  • Courtenay cities

The most renown place to visit in order to have a wildlife experience is the Sailcone’s Grizzly Bear Lodge. You are provided with a small, comfortable lodge, and one the best things about the Sailcone’s Grizzly Bear Lodge is that rather than accommodating 25-40 guests, it only serves to 10 people at a time thus enriching the comfort provided. This small group size also helps in creating a remarkable personal experience which can’t be offered by other large lodges. They also have a beach cabin, which provides an impressive view. Located in the Knight Inlet this lodge, the view presents whales – a sight one truly enjoys. From having wildlife experiences to the guests sitting down together and sharing dinner and their stories from the day; do not miss this experience.

  •  Denman Island

Beautiful, natural and highly picturesque – the Denman Island is definitely tourists favorite spot. It is famous for hosting Readers and Writers’ festivals in which it provides remarkable workshops and panel discussions. This event is attended by notable writers such as Bill Gaston, Ronal Wright, Sharon Butala, etc. It not only hosts well-known authors but also bring forward some new emerging writers into the light. This event takes place at various locations in the Denman Island village. This event provides a big support to the writers as it provides them with a platform where they can read their own work.

  • Hatley Park

Known as a national historic site, the Hatley Park is another attraction in British Columbia that is a must visit. Rich in history and magnificently beautiful this place represents shelter, fertility and sustenance which the land provided to the early Salish people. The park also has a grand castle which was a home to James Dunsmuir and his wife in the early 1900s. Started as a home, the property evolved into an educational institute by the 1940’s which provided training to the Canadian Navy and military.For those who wish to connect with the Canadian customs, history, traditions in one of the most natural places – this is the place to visit.

If you are planning to visit Canada, do add these places to your bucket list! They will definitely be worth the visit.

A look at Vancouver Island

The breathtaking land of Vancouver is personification and spellbinding charm. Its local sightseeing presents a rare blend of rainforest, lakes, mountains and bumpy coastline. In a nutshell, Vancouver is the land of all colors of the Mother Nature. The stunning scenes ranging from blue waters, to green mountain tops and luxuriant forests – all represent a striking combination of an unprecedented adventure. This island exhibits all sorts of adventure ranging from gardening to hiking.

The Butchart Gardens are the peaceful sightseeing loaded with flowers, lush pathways and trees to give a soothing effect to its visitors. This garden is decorated according to the in vogue festivals and activities including ice skating in the winter. The town named old-world of Tofino is a remote one, however regardless of its prevalence it has a set number of populaces. It is located on the western side of Vancouver. It is well known for its fish industry. The town offers the astonishing sight of the ocean. It has many hotels and restaurants to cater the needs of the visitors. Tofino is indeed an old world with unparalleled charm.

Pacific Rim Park is known for rocky shorelines, surfing, big waves and sensational sunsets. It is the ideal place for the ones who are fond of strolling on the sandy beaches. In spring and autumn season, the whales can also be seen on the shore. Storm watching is another exciting adventure over here. Alpine Ski Resort is having more than 500 meters elevation from base to top the Mount Washington represents the utmost grace. The Hill also has the facility of ski runs and terrain parks in winters and in summer’s Alpine hiking is another beloved adventure. Clayoquot sound is the distant area of Clayoquot is situated in the northwest of Tofino. It is the place of several tiny islands and last surviving land of rain forests. It is also reserved by UNESCO biosphere owing to its landscape. This area is not easy to access till now; however, for adventure lovers it is a worth seeing place.

Cathedral Grove: The old yet enchanting Douglas fir trees of 800 years old are the cynosures of MacMillan Provincial Park. The western red cedars are another attraction of this forest. After a heavy windstorm, this place is going through restoration. The huge lying tree trunk represents another mystic scene over here. The most treacherous hiking trails in Canada known as West Coast Trail. West Coast Trail is also known as the Graveyard of the Pacific because a number of ships are lost in the fog over there. The western coast trail is undeniably the epitome of relentless adventure and of course a lifetime experience.

The Stanley Park is another cherry on the cake. It is located on the northwestern border of downtown Vancouver. It has serene beaches, well- paved trails and the largest aquarium in the country and largest park of the world. The peaceful oasis is another center of attraction over there. The unique yet beautified sightseeing’s of Vancouver are ultimate blessings for the visitors. Just like a rainbow is composed of different colors, the exotic island has different shades of nature. To wrap it all, Vancouver is the crown of Canada.