A look at Vancouver Island

The breathtaking land of Vancouver is personification and spellbinding charm. Its local sightseeing presents a rare blend of rainforest, lakes, mountains and bumpy coastline. In a nutshell, Vancouver is the land of all colors of the Mother Nature. The stunning scenes ranging from blue waters, to green mountain tops and luxuriant forests – all represent a striking combination of an unprecedented adventure. This island exhibits all sorts of adventure ranging from gardening to hiking.

The Butchart Gardens are the peaceful sightseeing loaded with flowers, lush pathways and trees to give a soothing effect to its visitors. This garden is decorated according to the in vogue festivals and activities including ice skating in the winter. The town named old-world of Tofino is a remote one, however regardless of its prevalence it has a set number of populaces. It is located on the western side of Vancouver. It is well known for its fish industry. The town offers the astonishing sight of the ocean. It has many hotels and restaurants to cater the needs of the visitors. Tofino is indeed an old world with unparalleled charm.


Pacific Rim Park is known for rocky shorelines, surfing, big waves and sensational sunsets. It is the ideal place for the ones who are fond of strolling on the sandy beaches. In spring and autumn season, the whales can also be seen on the shore. Storm watching is another exciting adventure over here. Alpine Ski Resort is having more than 500 meters elevation from base to top the Mount Washington represents the utmost grace. The Hill also has the facility of ski runs and terrain parks in winters and in summer’s Alpine hiking is another beloved adventure. Clayoquot sound is the distant area of Clayoquot is situated in the northwest of Tofino. It is the place of several tiny islands and last surviving land of rain forests. It is also reserved by UNESCO biosphere owing to its landscape. This area is not easy to access till now; however, for adventure lovers it is a worth seeing place.

Cathedral Grove: The old yet enchanting Douglas fir trees of 800 years old are the cynosures of MacMillan Provincial Park. The western red cedars are another attraction of this forest. After a heavy windstorm, this place is going through restoration. The huge lying tree trunk represents another mystic scene over here. The most treacherous hiking trails in Canada known as West Coast Trail. West Coast Trail is also known as the Graveyard of the Pacific because a number of ships are lost in the fog over there. The western coast trail is undeniably the epitome of relentless adventure and of course a lifetime experience.

macmillan park

The Stanley Park is another cherry on the cake. It is located on the northwestern border of downtown Vancouver. It has serene beaches, well- paved trails and the largest aquarium in the country and largest park of the world. The peaceful oasis is another center of attraction over there. The unique yet beautified sightseeing’s of Vancouver are ultimate blessings for the visitors. Just like a rainbow is composed of different colors, the exotic island has different shades of nature. To wrap it all, Vancouver is the crown of Canada.